Thursday, 25 August 2011

Attack Dreams

There are three types of dreams that come from God's enemies. They are all attacks of some kind, so I call them attack dreams.

1. Open Attack Dreams

In these dreams, you know you are being attacked. Shortly after I gave God permission to speak to me through dreams, I had a dream in which I saw a shadowy face close up, looking at me. It had a nasty smile, and it was meant to intimidate me. The intention was that I would change my mind about allowing God to speak to me through dreams. I remembered what the Bible says, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you." James 4:7.

2. Temptation Dreams

Just as you can be tempted to sin during your waking hours, you can be tempted in your dreams. And just the same, you should resist the temptation, or you will leave yourself open to further demonic influence. In my experience, these dreams often occur just after I have done something worthwhile for the kingdom of God. In other words, they have been some sort of counterattack. There are other occasions when the enemy seems to be fishing. In other words, they are trying random things in the hope that I might respond to something in which I have never previously shown any interest. Here is an example:

This dream happened a few nights after the one mentioned above. I was at a seaside resort, standing on a jetty up above the beach. There was a restaurant on the jetty, and a sleazy man, obviously the owner, was watching me as I looked around. There was good food, a beautiful sunset, and a band was playing relaxing music. It was just like being on a wonderful tropical vacation. He called me over to the rail, and I looked down at the beach. There was a young woman being held by about a dozen men. They weren't doing anything, but it was obvious what was being offered to me. If the devil can't intimidate you, he'll try to buy you. Remember what Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?"

Later temptation dreams have not been in the form of propositions. For instance, in one dream I was in a cinema, and the screen started showing orgasmic scenes. I looked away, but everywhere I looked there were more of them. I tried to wake up, but couldn't. I realised that this was no ordinary dream, but an intense spiritual attack, so I said, " I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ!" The dream ended. This dream occurred just after I had achieved something for the Lord.

One night I had a temptation dream, and for a few moments I indulged in the tempting thoughts. The Lord chose this night to bring home to me the reality of the spirit realm's involvement in these dreams, and the danger of giving in. Suddenly I was pinned to the bed by an unseen being, and I couldn't move. There was a strong sense of the presence of evil. I tried to say, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ", but I could hardly speak. I forced the words out, and they sounded heavily distorted. My voice hardly worked at all! I said it several times, and then the evil presence left. Then I immediately had a dream: my room was lit up, and I could see a black spider upside down on the floor. It was the size of a dinner plate, and its legs were kicking. I have never woken up so fast in my life! I spent the rest of the night with the light on, and I did a lot of repenting and praying. Thank God that in Christ Jesus we have the victory! Evil cannot rule over us unless we allow it to.

Last night, and this is the dream that prompted me to write this article, I had a fishing dream. By that I mean the attack was a bit of fishing by the enemy. I saw a cartoon in which there were various people, but one was a guy with cow eyes. His eyes were so gorgeous that I felt a temptation to fall in love with him. This is not my usual inclination, so I recognized the dream as an attack dream, and woke up. How many people have been lured into darkness by fishing dreams like this one?

Some temptation dreams can involve someone you know. The enemy is actually trying to set you up as a bomb! Instead of just getting one person involved in sin, the demons prefer to set someone up as a bomb so that they can hurt many people at once. When people are hurt, they are more vulnerable to all sorts of demonic influence. Common bombs are sexual assault, physical assault, adultery (leading to the destruction of a family through divorce), drink driving (causing an accident which injures or kills), and embezzlement (sometimes set up by a gamblng demon). If the bomb is a church leader, the explosion is of a much greater magnitude. Suicide is also a potent bomb. Demons work as teams to set these bombs up: they are hardly ever the work of just one demon. This info has come from Earthquake Kelley's book, "Born to Lose, Destined to Win". His book gets my vote as the most remarkable autobiography ever!

3. Lying Dreams

In some dreams you will simply be lied to. For instance, just after I looked up some websites that were critical of Christian prophets (they were not true critics, but only venom-spitters, as it turned out), I had the following dream: I was in a house built for the tropics, and I was on the first floor. As I watched, the shifty-looking fellow who owned it made some deals, picked up goods, had conversations with people, went out and came back. Eventually, he turned to me and said, "There is no God!" Then I realised that this was an attack dream. The enemy had guessed from my internet search, wrongly, that my faith was weakening! So they had sent me an Atheism dream!

Another type of lying dream is the false prophetic dream. There was an announcement at our church that we would be going through the Christianity Explored course. I had a dream in which I heard two people talking: "Something amazing happened at Christanity Explained." "What?" "Jesus turned up!" I didn't say anything to anybody because I saw the mistake in the name. It's supposed to be 'Explored', not 'Explained'! I could have destroyed my prophetic ministry by announcing a false prophecy right at the outset!

I hope this article helps you to successfully resist the attacks of the enemy, even when you're asleep!

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