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Colors in dreams


Positive: holiness, spirituality, peace. Some examples: the saints in heaven, as depicted in Revelation, are dressed in white. When I first started to receive dreams from the Lord, I saw a white car. Water was being put into the fuel tank. Yes, water! Even when it was full, the water kept on flowing, gushing out past the nozzle.

Negative: religious pretense. Some examples: Jesus said the pharisees were white-washed tombs: gleaming on the outside, full of dead men's bones on the inside. The white mice who try to persuade us that the gospel must be watered down, or no-one will accept it. These same white mice try to make us fear the gift of prophecy. When I saw them in a dream, they were white. They then transformed into grey rats, reflecting the fact that they use false arguments! Actually, they looked brown, but when I looked up the type on the internet, the correct term is "grey rat"!


Since I first published this article I have seen the color grey (gray) in a number of dreams, and now I think its usual meaning is this: the grey person or thing is difficult to spot! This is a neutral characteristic, and it can apply to a positive thing (you can be kind without being noticed) or a negative thing (for instance, the grey rats in the dream mentioned above).


Positive: redemption. Some people have been shown warrior angels dressed in silver armor.

Negative: treachery, or legalism. An example: Judas Iscariot was paid in silver.


Positive: Glory, purity. Gold is the noblest of metals. It doesn't tarnish, and it refuses to form a compound with any other element. An example: the Temple of Solomon had gold on the walls, etc.

Negative: Greed, idolatry, defilement. Some examples: the golden calf in Exodus. I saw some money spiders in a dream, and they were the size of an Aussie $2 coin, and they looked one. There were about 20 of them, and they scurried along the ground and stood next to my shoe. They were waiting for me to get worried about money: then they would be able to climb up!


Positive: mind, hope, gift of God. For example, in a dream I was sitting in a yellow sports car in a parking lot, and a girl was in the car with me. Behind the car there was another girl. She was pushing on the back of our car, saying, "You're in the way!" Meaning: both girls represent churches, and the car represents my ministry, yellow because it is a gift from God. One church doesn't comprehend, and opposes us.

Negative: Fear, cowardice. For instance, I dreamt that I was trying to get away from someone because I thought they were homosexual. It turned out that they weren't, they just wanted the gospel explained more clearly! In dreams, homosexuality can be symbolic of believers that won't have anything to do with those in other denominations. They refuse to love any but their own kind! This was told to Rick Joyner in a vision. So in my dream, God was warning me not to avoid contact with Christians of denominations that are exclusive in their views. I shouldn't assume that I understand them, and can write them off!


Positive: perseverance. Actually, I prefer the famous Akiane's meaning for orange: thoughtfulness! An example: I was shown a candle representing my writings. It was on a lampstand, and when the candle was picked up, it was chained to the lampstand with a transparent orange chain. A voice said, "It provides natural light". If you think about lighting, all the experts agree that 'natural' light is the best for your eyes!

Negative: stubbornness. An example: I saw a tiny, orange spider on the tip of my finger. A voice said, "Can you tackle this problem in the right side of the body? Can you talk about it?" Later, I looked up 'right side of the brain vs left side'. The right side is logical, and is good at maths, and at handling routine tasks. The left side is intuitive and creative, and is good at handling novel situations. Maybe this is the division between those who are chosen to teach and those who are chosen to prophesy!


Positive: wisdom, anointing, power, the blood of Christ. An example: I saw a man walking along, carrying two books. They were both bound in red leather, obviously a set. I asked if I could look at them. One was the Bible, and the other was a book of prophecies issued during the Church age. Notice that they weren't published in one volume! Even though they both contain God's wisdom, denoted by the red covers, the book of prophecies is not equal to the Bible in authority! Therefore, it must be printed as a separate volume. This is not to denigrate God's Word as revealed through those prophets, but to enable us to easily protect ourselves from the false prophets that, inevitably, are sent to undermine our trust in the true ones.

Negative: war, anger, an antichrist or the devil. Some examples: one of the four Horseman in the book of Revelation is on a red horse, and his job is to bring war to the earth. I was sitting on the roof of a church, and at the other end I saw a big, muscular man who was bright red. He was wearing nothing but a pair of Speedo's (skimpy swimmers). A smallish young woman embraced him, and his Speedo's were torn asunder by the resultant effect, which I shall not describe! I turned to someone who was sitting beside me, and said, "It's shameful". I think this dream depicts the exposure of sexual sin in the churches as the Lord cleanses them in preparation for the Great Harvest. He wants to kick out the predators before bringing in heaps of extra people! "Judgement starts with the House of God."


Positive: emotions, especially love. In a dream, I saw a sweet-natured, lovely, blonde, blue-eyed lady I know, and she represented the Bride of Christ. She was dressed in magenta! In another dream, I saw a little girl playing in the sand on a beach. She, too, was dressed in magenta. Pressed into the sand behind her, where she couldn't see, was an alarm clock! Time is running out! Jesus' return is NOT five hundred years away! It will happen in our lifetime! In fact, Richard Sigmund, a Messianic Jew who had a brief death experience in 1974, was told that he would still be alive on the earth when the Lord Jesus comes to collect His people! And Richard was born in 1941!

Negative: hatred. I have never seen this in a dream, so I'm taking this meaning on hearsay.


Positive: royalty, authority.

Negative: false rule, usurped authority. It is also a color which is associated with lust.


Positive: revelation. An example: In a dream, I saw some people watching TV whilst eating a meal. One girl commented on the program they were watching, and then took a sip from a blue cup. It can also symbolise communion.

Negative: sadness, depression. I have never seen this in a dream, but it is an obvious use of the color.


Cyan is light blue. I have actually seen two different light blues in dreams! The first color is the color you see when you look up on a sunny day. This symbolises the presence of God. I have also seen a pale blue, like the color close to the horizon. This pale blue represents the will of God. Example: I have seen this color on an angel's garments, & I think he was an angel of healing.

Negative: headstrong - apparently! I have never seen light blue used in a negative sense.


Positive: growth, conscience, equipment for spiritual warfare. Example: in one dream, I was being driven somewhere, and I looked down, and I had army shoelaces in my shoes!

Negative: naivety, sickness, jealousy, death. The fourth horseman in Rev. 6:7,8 is Death, and his color is "chloros", which is pale green.


Positive: humility, mercy.

Negative: humanism, worldliness, low self esteem. For example: in a dream in which God was showing me what an old church building is good for, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor. I had a Siamese cat on my lap, but the cat was brown all over! It lay as if asleep for a while, then its color suddenly came right. I think it means that some people who come to church need to be in a place where they are accepted. Eventually, their low self esteem will be replaced with a more accurate view of who they are: a child of God!


Positive: humility, stealth. Some examples: in one dream I discovered was wearing black socks, a reminder to clothe myself in humility! In another dream, I saw a girl from church depicted as a black cat. She is a very subtle person, and definitely hates being noticed, except when she chooses, so the color was for her stealth! Maybe that's not the right word. Quietness? Diffidence? Hang it, I'll stick with stealth!

Negative: wordliness, evil, occult, death. Example: in a dream, I saw three kittens playing. They represented a family I know. One was gold, one was white and one was black. These three all go to church. A fourth member is not a church goer, and he wasn't even in the picture! The gold one represented the one that is in paid work for the church. The white one represented the one that is an active follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, but is in a secular job. The black one goes to church, but never reads the Bible, doesn't go to any group and never mentions God!

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  1. Just in case you've read this article before, I have revised it! I have made changes to Grey, Silver, Purple, Cyan and Green.