Thursday, 4 August 2011

God Sends Dreams

I was brought up believing that the gift of prophecy died out with the apostles. Later, I was told that many Muslims are converted to faith in Jesus Christ when they meet Him in a dream! Isn't that prophecy? One day I stumbled upon 1 Thess. 5:19-22, and I read, 'Do not put out the Spirit's fire: do not treat prophecies with contempt!' Suddenly I realised that prophecy was not supposed to die out, and that Paul had warned us against triggering the trap that would extinguish it! And guess what we did! We fell into the trap! We ourselves extinguished the gift of prophecy!

In 1 Cor. 14, Paul plays down the importance of the gift of tongues. He says that it is the least useful of all the gifts, and he contrasts it with the gift of prophecy. By doing this, he implies that prophecy is the most useful gift! It is at the other end of the usefulness scale to the gift of tongues! Furthermore, he says, 'Seek eagerly the gift of prophecy.'

Why does the Bible say, 'Seek eagerly the gift of prophecy', but 'do not let many of you become teachers' (James 3:1)? I think it is because a prophet is on a short leash, being little more than a messenger. A teacher, on the other hand, is on a long leash, roaming at will through the Word of God, prayerfully deciding what to teach next. You need to have the most capable, the most mature and the most intelligent person in the teaching role, but anyone can carry a message! Therefore, 'Be eager to prophesy!'

Look at the adverse effect of treating prophecies with contempt: the Spirit's fire is put out! How many churches over the centuries have been drab, cold places populated by people who don't believe that they can do much for the kingdom of God? What does a church look like when the fire of the Holy Spirit is burning there? You know what the answer is! You have seen it for years, either up close or at a distance, but you've seen it! That is the place where people get saved, people get changed, and people get emotional about God, and how wonderful He is! There is no coldness there!

Why are we fearful?

Very many Christians are fearful of the gift of prophecy, and God has shown me why this is. It is because we fail to trust God. This is why we find it so hard to obey Paul's advice in 1 Thess. 5:19-22, 'Test everything, hold onto what is good, and reject everything that is bad.' We find it most comforting to not test anything at all. Some brave but misguided people do make an effort, but they are fooled by their fear: they make a pretense of looking at a prophecy, but they are really searching for some excuse, any excuse, to reject it! If you look for their list of prophecies to 'hold onto', they don't have any! They zealously go here and there, trying to destroy every prophet they find, assuming that no prophet could ever actually have a prophecy from God! These people usually have an amazing fountain of bitterness and hatred pouring out of them, which I think is diagnostic of the true origin of their prophecy-killing 'ministry'.

True obedience to God in this area requires courage, and the adoption of the Goldilocks Attitude To Prophecy. What is the Goldilocks Attitude? It is this: your attitude towards prophecy should not be too soft, which is to accept everything, or too hard, which is to reject everything, but instead should be juuuust right!

I actually found that I could not bring myself to test any prophecy at all, even though I had accepted, theologically, that there were modern Christian prophecies out there that were worth reading. I had to repent of the sin of unbelief in this area first! Only then could I successfully engage my courage, and read a prophecy to test it. Until I repented, I was not able to obey 1 Thess. 5:19-22! In other words, there is real, evil spiritual power behind the fear that Christians feel towards the gift of prophecy. This spiritual power is enabled by the simple act of choosing not to believe what the passage says. This gives the Devil permission to send a spirit of fear to influence us whenever we consider the idea of prophecy in the modern church. Jesus must wash you clean of it, or it will still control your actions in this area!

Please prayerfully and humbly (before God, that is) consider what I have said. And then consider Joel 2:28, where God promised to pour out dreams and visions upon young and old, male and female. In Acts chapter 2, Peter declared the start of the Joel 2 era! We are still in that era! Read Matthew 7:7-11, 'Ask and you will receive,' etc. 'Be eager to prophesy!'

Finally, why did I call this blog, "Tank Driving School for Christians"? In a dream, God showed me believers who were learning to interpret dreams: they were learning to drive heavy tanks!

Next blog I will talk about limitations and ettiquette.


  1. Hello
    Please what does it mean when u dream and see lions most at time or sometime a lion or lioness ?
    What about u see urself driving a motorcycle and carrying 2 or 3 people at the back instead of 1 ?
    What about when u see urself as a painter ?

    1. Lions: I guess it depends on the context. For instance, Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah, but the devil is described as prowling around like a lion, seeking people to devour. So the context should be your guide! If you're driving a motorcycle, that's a good symbol of having a small but powerful ministry. Those 2 or 3 people are possibly helpers, or people who are being helped. If you're a painter, you're probably helping people to see spiritual truths more clearly through your ministry. By the way - I'm sorry I've taken so long to get back to you! I had to change my email address because I was having too many problems with gmail, and then I forgot to keep an eye on the old email address!

  2. These are my dreams, what do they mean?

    As I about to finish the whole chapters of the revelation written by John, something bad happened to me. I was sick. I had a high fever. I had not slept. I was admitted in a hospital.
    At the first month of the year 2015:
    I had a migraine, and then while talking to my mother I had a vision of the symbols of the cross, Star of David and Islam (crescent moon and star) inside a ring of fire. At the evening I broke the needle of the dextrose because I could not bear the pain of the injections that the nurses had given to me. Then I saw a woman naked burned in fire then after that I saw a child undergoing crucifixion. There was desolation, much garbage, and dry leaves. A few hours I fell into a very deep sleep, and then a lean man appeared in a high grassy mountain, wearing a robe with white and scarlet red. He is not the Messiah; he has no marks of the crucifixion he had undergone on his feet. He has a simple, wooden staff, and with one stamp of his staff the Vatican Church and the Mosques (crescent moon and star on top) gathered to go near to him.
    At the ninth month of the year 2015:
    In my dream I was fighting with the very large black cat. I was struggling to defeat him. I grabbed his head and I beheaded him.
    In another night, I saw the ancient serpent in my dream. He has black tail. I saw that he was talking to a black man standing at the back of him. They are like planning and deliberating about something. Then I saw Adam and Eve. Eve is very beautiful; she has white complexion and an oblong face. She strongly grasp for the hand of Adam who is about to fall in bottomless pit.
    Another dream came the next few nights and I was in a very crowded place. There was a very big church painted with white. I looked for the centre of the stage. I stood there for a very long time listening for something and when I go out, I saw Muslims wearing black burqa. They were sitting on a corner and then I asked, why do Muslims are here?
    I, Ferlie Apple M. Bautista, attest that these visions and dreams are true.

    1. Hello Ferlie, I'm so sorry that I have taken so long to reply! I changed my email address and then forgot to keep an eye on the old one! Here is my attempt to interpret your dreams.

      Your first two dreams remind me of something I was told not long ago, that the dry season has started for the churches. I thought that it might only mean the churches in Australia, but it might be more widespread, judging by what you were shown. I expect the atheists here to make more and more attacks on churches, but your dream indicates that there will also be persecution by Muslims, Jews and even conservative forces within the churches themselves! The naked woman is the real church, burned by the fire of persecution. Her child is the last generation of believers in this age, mainly youngsters, who are the ones the Lord is planning to use in the Harvest at the end of the age, the greatest revival in history. This dry season will see the devil try to destroy them before the time comes for them to go into action. The man in the white & red robes may represent the Antichrist, a man who will organise those who oppose the last revival, once it has begun. Rick Joyner prophesied that there would be a Pope who would leave the Church of Rome in order to more fully participate in the revival. I expect the Antichrist to be whichever bishop is voted in to replace him!

      Those dreams in September: I don't know what the black cat means! It is traditionally considered to be a companion of witches, so perhaps you had, or are going to have, a victory of some kind over those involved in witchcraft. Then you saw the devil plotting with a man who perhaps symbolises people of evil intent. Meanwhile, Eve is here a symbol of the true church, I think, and she acts to save many people; they are symbolised by Adam. Without her help he will fall into the pit! This dream, with its two parts, may be about the revival at the end of the age.

      The last dream, I think, is about many Muslims who are at the crossroads, so to speak, thinking about Jesus. They are now near the church, but not yet inside. These are part of the Adam from the previous dream, people who will be saved by the Lord's faithful witnesses.

  3. I have been having strange dreams lately that have left me feeling uneasy. A few weeks ago I dreamed I had invited an estranged cousin to my home and when I arrived home with my 4 children, large green coiled snakes (4 total) started to appear around my front door...2 nights ago I dreamed one of my co workers invited me to the beach and when I arrived the sand was covered with rats as far as the eye could see. They were running all over the beach and making screeching sounds. Surprisingly, I wasn't afraid of them and I maneuvered around them making sure they didn't touch my feet as I walked around the beach. Any idea what these dreams mean?

  4. The first dream sounds like a warning about someone being jealous of you having four wonderful kids. Could it have a spiritual meaning instead? If you're in a spirit-filled church the dream may indicate the jealousy of older churches towards the more spirit-filled ones, as they are the ones that attract lots of new believers (spiritual kids).

    I think the beach probably symbolises the church scene in general. The beach is overrun with rats, indicating that the Lord is unhappy with the way that many church leaders are claiming to help people, but they're actually holding people back from things like dreaming & prophecy.

  5. My 7 year old daughter had two similar dreams and the left me very uneasy. First one was that we both were walking through thin pole over the water, we fell and drawned. Second was in our apartment, she said the big flood came smashed the doors and took us in and we died, may I add in second dream her father was also with us, we are not together divorcing next year. Thank you so much

  6. Well, I don't know what to say! Last night I had some dreaming, and I thought I knew what to say, so I posted something here, then tonight I had some dreaming which clashed badly with what I'd posted! So I've taken down the comment. I really don't know what to say!

  7. :) it's ok Daryl I understand I believe that God will eventually show me the meaning of this dream. Thank you that you care and for your help

  8. Hi Daryl I was wondering if you could help me interpret the wirdestw dream I had last night. It was very realistic. I dreamt of having a baby girl named Ana out of nowhere( not remembering being pregnant in dream) to my husband I'm separated with at the moment and praying for reconciliation. Also after I give birth my aura and appearance changed I looked gracious and beautiful, my best friend was admiring my putter appearance. I did bit bit research and checked the giving birth to a child means that God will birth new thing into your life which is great, but I found it baffling that the child was with my husband I'm trying to get back with. So strange! Thank you for your time. God bless you