Friday, 5 August 2011

It's a tank, not a bulldozer

If you receive a dream which you believe is from God, you need to keep the following bits of advice in mind:
  • Your dream is not a new piece of Scripture! I asked the Lord about this, and I suddenly saw a Bible reference, "1 Cor 12'. I looked it up, and verse 28 says, "In the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers". This is a hierarchy of authority for the Word of God! It can be issued from any of those three, but the publications from the apostles (meaning the writers of the New Testament) are automatically of a higher authority than any from a modern Christian prophet or teacher. Thus, no modern writing should be regarded as equal with Scripture.
  • You are not necessarily called to have a prophetic career. Take Joseph, Mary's betrothed, for instance. You know, the one who taught our Lord Jesus carpentry. He received prophetic messages, but he was not instructed to pass on a message. Therefore, he was not a prophet. You should assume that the dream is for your benefit alone, unless God badgers you to share it.
  • Take your own interpretations with a pinch of salt! The following happens all too often, "Nice dream, shame about the interpretation." Your understanding of a dream can change as events unfold, or after you have received more dreams on the subject. Or after you have chatted with someone who doesn't share the same blind spots as you!
  • If you see someone you know, they may be there just as a symbol! Don't feel that you have to tell someone about a dream they were in. You'll probably just freak them out!
  • Respect your church's organisational structure. Don't think you can ignore the pastor and take over! God has put him in charge, and not you, and God doesn't make mistakes! John Paul Jackson offers a very insightful DVD, 'Becoming a Prophetic Community'.
  • Many dreams are instructional rather than predictive.
  • Many provide insight into something that just happened, either in your life, or further afield.
  • Many are God's comment on the success or otherwise of something you have just done.
  • Many are an attempt by God to get you to drop a plan you've just made!
  • Many are hints about how you can improve what you're doing.
  • Many are replies to something you've prayed about! YES! For decades I have longed for the other side of the prayer conversation, and guess what - it is available! Through dreams! I loooove Joel 2:28!
  • Remember that if God is sending you dreams, you're learning to drive a tank, not a bulldozer. Do not drive over people as if they're not there. Read 1 Cor 13! Remind yourself of the fruits of the Spirit, too (Gal. 5:22-26). Please please please read Rick Joyner's wonderful and very helpful books, 'The Final Quest', 'The Call' and 'The Torch and the Sword'! They say heaps about how to get the job done without damaging people. And then add 'The Harvest' as well, so you get a proper overview of where we are in history, and what is about to happen.
Next blog entry, I will start talking about symbolism: God's dream language!

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