Friday, 5 August 2011

Symbolism: the Essentials

God tends to employ symbolism in dreams, so learning the meaning of the symbols is essential if you are to undertand what He is trying to say. Why does He use symbols? The answer couln't be simpler! He is a creative person, and He loves doing creative things! Much of His symbolism comes straight out of the Bible, but He can also use symbols, sayings and music from your national background, and also from pop culture. He may even use references that only you will understand!

Key symbols. I will provide examples of dreams using these symbols in future blogs.

Unseen person  =  The Holy Spirit
Wind, air          =  The Holy Spirit
Water               =  The Holy Spirit
Fire                  =  The Spirit of Prophecy (Holy Spirit), or judgement, or trials.
Storm               =  God's judgement on the world, or persecution.
Food , drink     =  The Word of God, religious teachings.
Cafe, kitchen    =  church, church hall, etc
Place of work   =  church or other ministry
Car                  =  your ministry or activity
Bus                  =  church
Train                =  denomination or large-scale ministry. Steam is better than diesel! Think about it.
Watercraft        =  similar to land vehicles. Sail power rules!
Aircraft            =  powerful ministry
Spacecraft        =  dramatic & powerful movement in the spiritual realm.
Bicycle             =  you are moving by human power, not by the Spirit.
Motorcycle      =  dynamic or solo ministry
Going Up         =  spiritual progress
Going Down     =  heading the wrong way!
Military stuff     =  spiritual warfare
Faceless person = angel, e.g., wearing a full-face motorbike helmet.
Horse               =  powerful warrior angel
Dolphin            =  spirit-filled Christian (a mammal who lives in water), or (less often) guardian angel.
Cat, Dog          =  someone you care about: a dog person won't see their loved one depicted as a cat!
Cat                  =  (less common) a stubbornly independent person.
Dog                 =  (less common) an unbeliever, a false teacher or a predator.
Wolf                =  predator
Sheep              =  believer
Snake              =  deceiver
Rat                  =  traitor, deceiver
Mouse             =  coward
Spider             =  demon
Wasp, hornet   =  higher demonic power
Boy                 =  unbeliever, or a fellow Christian worker.
Girl                  =  a young church, or a believer who is learning something new.
Man                =  The Lord Jesus Christ, or sometimes an Antichrist, or even Satan.
Woman           =  a mature church, the church global, or possibly the false church of the last days!
Your Dad        =  sometimes he represents your Father in Heaven! But only sometimes.
Your Mom      =  sometimes she represents the church in which you grew up.
Your house     =  your life, or possibly church. A past house = an earlier phase in your life.
Shower           =  being cleansed of something which might adversely affect you later.
Toilet              =  an opportunity to get rid of some dangerous toxins.
Hall                 =  a place of transition
Circle              =  agreement or covenant
Window          =  opportunity to see something
Door               =  opportunity to move into something new.
Watching TV   =  learning from prophetic teaching. You're watching TV right now!
Reading a Book  =  often represents Bible study.
Tree                =  leadership. "If you want to know what sort of tree you're looking at, look at the fruit it produces!" The Head Gardener said that.

Next blog I'll list the meaning of numbers.


  1. I can now add a few more animals to the menagerie!
    Crab = someone who moves sideways when talking about Jesus, trying to bring Him into the conversation, but only through oblique references. It's better to speak His Name, and to say clearly what you mean!

    Ant = an effort by the enemy to irritate or annoy you. Traditionally, ants spoil picnics, which is annoying!

    Bee = an attempt by the enemy to keep you distracted so that you won't spend time on the things you should be doing: "As busy as a bee."

    Spider = (alternative meaning) a demon who lures a person into sexual misconduct.

    Money Spider = an attempt by the enemy to get you to worry about money.

    Irukandji (box jellyfish) = sexual predator within the church. Its sting is so painful, the pain alone can kill! Also, in the water it is almost completely invisible!

    Rabbit = someone who is thinking about sex too much.

    Mosquito = a person who wrongly makes you think that you should be much more successful, more victorious, etc. They produce itching feelings of guilt and inadequacy, instead of helping you to genuinely improve.

    Leech = leeches are found in watery environments. They are lying spirits who attach themselves to believers who have just gone deeper into the things of the Spirit. Their purpose is to plant false ideas into the minds of believers. The best defence against them is to talk, so that other people can help you to distinguish the leech bites from the leadings of the Holy Spirit!

  2. Hi I had a dream that I went inside this abandon house it was myself my daughter and some unknown friends with me. As we explored the house my daughter sat on an old chair and frim the close a giant rat came out it was huge like a size of a big dog it was really really fat and it almost seemed like a really big mouse cause it was so fat I was surprised when the rat wanted to play with my daughter started to sniff her and just wanted to be close by her.Also At the same time I got a broom and started hitting it or squeeze it but it was my own streght and it didnt seemed to do anything to it..

    My son he is only six he was the first dream he had was about Israel he woke up one morning and said hey I had a dream I was in Israel and I asked him Israel your friend and he said no Israel from the bible and he continued saying that the people there were really bad so he got scared and climed a tree then he said that This light came and it was God and all the people that the light hit were made into good people he said it was a bright light ...

    2Nd dream
    My son woke up last week and said I had a dream I saw God I was with my class and God showed us a river and said that when ever we are thirsty to drink the water and he put both of his hands together creating a little bowl he also said that some of the kids that were there were walking on water that it was cool and then he said that God gave him a golden badge he said that it felt so real we wanted to show ne but he woke up..when I asked him how did God lokked he said he was bright light he couldnt see his face because it was too bright he did say he had a white long robe he describes as something long that girls wear..

    Jesus Is Lord

  3. Dream 1: a house can be a symbol for a church (the house of God), so an abandoned house may represent a church that has lost most of its members. The rat would be a church leader who is not as helpful as he appears to be. This is just one possibility. I don't think it's a former relationship of yours because you didn't say, "We went back to my old house."

    Dream 2: the light is the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. St Paul told us that one day it would be the Jews' turn for salvation (Romans 11:25). Your son has received a dream that reminds us of this promise!

    Dream 3: this river is the water that Jesus offered to the woman at the well (John 4:4-26). The kids who walked on the water were doing something that St Peter had also done (Matt. 14:22-33). He was able to walk on the water as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus! With faith in Jesus Christ, we can do great things that may seem impossible to others. The dream indicates that some of your son's classmates have great faith. Perhaps one day they will do amazing things in Jesus' Name!

  4. I dream all the time... I had one last night about eels, dolphins and the ocean. I believe that the eels were going to be eaten by the dolphins and these dolphins were going to ride these huge waves and launch into the sky. I also played tennis with Donald Trump.